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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. (W. Churchill)

For this reason too we create the best, yet minimal architecture that suits your needs

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Broom Grm

Posted on Jan 28 by

Are cars a problem in your city? People doesn’t know where to walk anymore? Our Broom Grm barrier will help you to keep cars under control so pedestrians can regain a piece of their...



Posted on Jan 28 by

Complete solution for a little, personalizable, portable stand. It’s an ideal solution for expositions, showrooms and...


Something to be proud

Posted on May 8 by

Draco Građevinska Apoteka, part of Dracomerx group has been rewarded on the 38th international trade fair for construction SEEBBE in Beograd for successful promotional appearance! Since we designed the booth and a large part of promotive materials (flyers, posters, etc.) we are very happy for their...